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An international community that supports and promotes cooperation between start-ups, companies, incubators and accelerators, clusters, universities, investors and external clients.

Exhibitor Area

The Expodronica Virtual Exhibition Hall offers visitors and other exhibitors the possibility to contact exhibitors easily and directly. A directory by sector of exhibitors where your logo, news, projects, photographs, videos and demonstrations will appear.

Stand Expositor

Exhibitors will be distributed by sector and may include any digital content, including: documents, videos, links to websites, links to social networks, surveys, etc.


Attendees can visit the Virtual Auditorium to attend presentations, seminars, workshops, webinars or discussion forums and actively participate in them.


Keep informed of all industry events around the world. If you are an event organizer or your company organizes one, contact us and we will communicate it.

Networking Lounge

From Expodronica Virtual you will be able to attend and organize live and scheduled meetings, send messages, make group chats etc..

Welcome to Networking Lounge helps connect businesses, startups, administrations, organizations … to share ideas, develop new skills and help each other grow

Networking Lounge offers features including scheduled discussions, organizing live meetings, message boards, topic group chat, and discussion forums.

Organizers can allow attendees the ability to connect with each other and share virtual business cards.


Unmanned World Club


- Our mission is to help companies in their creation and companies in their growth.

- We have the biggest experts in consulting and advising for all kinds of projects and investments.

- We use the latest management methodologies to execute projects and business plan actions.

- B4B, B4Gov, Internationalization, Turnkey packages, European projects etc...

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The sector needs short and medium term financing with market launch of projects, products and services.

- Are you looking for an investor? We help you to contact private and public investors and do follow-up.

- Do you want to invest in the best projects? Contact Us

Do you need to collaborate on a project?

Finding a partner, product or service for a project

Many projects require collaboration between organizations in different countries. Find your ideal partner depending on the funding programme.

- Many projects need to integrate specific products and services. Find your ideal product or service.

- Publish your project or your collaboration needs for the project and receive offers from interested parties from all over the world.

- You can count on the support of our web for any question that may arise.

If you want to collaborate with us, enter the forum.


Our digital platform allows us to offer products and services that will allow those interested to make quick comparisons on prices, products or services from the web.

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We will encourage the participation of registered companies and individuals:

- Offering points for your activity within Expodronica Virtual.

- Offering prizes and other incentives for their individual and group activity.

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Social Impact Investment

Drones are powerful tools for society. Visibly identify the positive impact of unmanned vehicle companies.

It is a third party accreditation mark that identifies brands that meet standards of verified innovation and positive action performance.

Companies contribute to their own sustainability in different ways.

Companies that obtain the quality seal can display it on their website, which allows them to have a clear description of their company's positive actions.

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Unmanned Job

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